to the part-time jungle

Navigating through the jungle of  motherhood and work is TOUGH!

 But… you don’t need to go it ALONE.

This community will provide you with ROUTE MARKERS,


that can encourage and guide you along the way!


  The Part-Time Jungle is a place to: 

 o  Be a part of a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY of moms navigating their motherhood and work journeys. 

o  Share INSPIRING STORIES about the successes and challenges associated with the juggle of motherhood and work.  

o  Share EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES, TIPS, and RESOURCES for swinging motherhood and work in a way that works best for us and our families. 

o  LEARN and GROW with a course designed to help you UNTANGLE THE VINES in the motherhood and work jungle.


Join our growing community of moms navigating their motherhood and work journeys.


Discover tips and resources. Listen to stories from other moms who have walked in your shoes in the motherhood and work jungle.


ONLINE COURSE: Mastering Your Motherhood Jungle – Learn how to untangle the vines and swing through motherhood and work with flying colours. 


Network, grow and connect with other moms swinging motherhood and work.



Articles, podcasts, books and so much more to help you navigate your motherhood and work juggle. 


Are you looking for support in navigating your motherhood and work journey? Interested in sharing your story or ideas? Maybe you have questions?

Hi! I am Tiana, I am a married mom of three boys swinging all the crazy wonderfulness of the motherhood and work juggle. I created this space because I couldn’t find one and I wondered why it had to be so hard to navigate all the “grey areas” of motherhood and work. GET TO KNOW ME!

What’s Happening in The Part-Time Jungle?

The Part-Time Jungle Podcast

Tune into episodes of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast where we get real about swinging motherhood and work!

You've Got This, Boss Mama

I’m thrilled to be a co-author in this book! It is a collection of stories and personal reflections written by an amazing group of moms all about the inspiring and unique journeys of juggling work life and family life.

Published by YGTMama Media Co.

Her Voice: Motherhood

I’m thrilled to be a co-author in this book! “Motherhood. It shapes us and changes us like nothing else in this world. It is the most beautifully terrifying thing we will ever do. It moulds our life in a way, because we will never again be the same person that we were before we passed through the invisible threshold into motherhood. These are the real, raw, and true stories of motherhood.”

Edited by Lisa Webb & Marcey Heschel

Collaboration and Community

Pink Tank Group Feature

Pink Tank Group Feature: Pink Tank is a women’s virtual think tank designed to connect, inspire, and motivate others. 

Conscious Parenting Paradigm Podcast

Parenting with The “Village Mentality” with Tiana Fech

With Host France Tailleur

The Business of Thinking Big

Episode 106: Progress Over Perfection

With Host Lianne Kim

Mamas for Mamas Guest Blog Post

Getting Intentional with Kindness

Mamas for Mamas is a specialized poverty relief agency and an all inclusive community for mothers and caregivers. They envision a future where no mama or child is left behind.

The Productpreneur Podcast

Episode 37: Mastering the Motherhood Jungle

With Host Nicole de Larzac

The Mind Over Motherhood Podcast

Episode 9: Navigating the Part-Time Work and Motherhood Jungle

With Host Dr. Carly Crewe, MD

Access to Education

Episode 12: A Family’s Journey Through ADHD

With Host Delphine Rule

The Fempreneur Podcast

Episode 19: Up Close and Personal in The Part-Time Jungle

With Host Lyndsie Barrie


Juggling Motherhood & Career As a Mom of Three Kids

With Host Kinia Romanowska

Mama Brain Magazine Interview

Lessons Learned from Emergency Remote Teaching

With Host Tania Moraes

Ed Students in Conversation

Field II Reflections – If I Knew Them, What I Know Now

Hosted by Tiana Fech

The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast

Episode 21: Creating Online Courses for Revenue Growth

With Host Nathalie Amlani

What’s New on The Podcast?

“It’s much easier to navigate the motherhood and work jungle when you know you are not alone.”

– Tiana Fech


Sharing ideas and resources and supporting one another makes all the difference in The Part-Time Jungle!

If you have ideas, questions, or would like to work together, please get in touch!