Part-Time Communications & Fund Development: Shannon’s Story

What’s your story? “WHY” are you navigating the part-time jungle and “HOW” did you find your part-time job and “HOW” have you made your job fit your juggle? 

Sharing stories about swinging motherhood and work is a great way to build community and conversation.

I love learning through the stories and experiences of others. The more I talk to others, the more that I realize that I am not alone in this journey. My hope is to create an online “village” or community of support – to share ideas and inspiration so we can help one another map out our adventure in the part-time jungle. 


Meet Shannon! 

Shannon has been a close friend since she forced her friendship on me 🙂 7 years ago! I was pregnant with our third child and she offered to drive our oldest to preschool for me, as her daughter was also in the class, after our baby arrived. I was super reluctant to accept her help – I didn’t know Shannon that well, I didn’t want to inconvenience her, I was sure that I could manage on my own. Shannon was insistent, our baby was born, and she essentially showed up at my doorstep to pick up our oldest for preschool. This preschool drop off was one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received. It meant that I could feed the baby without rushing. It meant to not getting 3 kids under 5 out the door first thing in the morning. It meant my sanity. 

Shannon, an amazing married mom of two kids, is not only a special part of my “village” but also a mom who is also navigating the part-time jungle. 

In her own words, here is Shannon’s “WHY” and “HOW”:


What is Your “Why”?

Why do you work part-time in communications and fund development and why do you work at the job that you have? 

My why for working part-time in communications and fund development is our family. My husband works long hours, so it would be impossible for us to both work long hours and commute etc with the kids schedules, needs, meals etc. I work the in my part-time communications and fund development job because I can do it from home (or BC) and have flexible hours, as long as the work gets done. I have been lucky to have a very supportive boss that allows me to spend time with my family, but still earn an income. 


What is Your “How”?

How did you find your part-time job? How have you made working part-time fit with your juggle?

I found my part-time job by sending an email to every single person in my contact list in Calgary, and telling them what I was looking for. A part-time job, with flexible hours, that I could do from home and I highlighted the skills and experience that I have, and attached my resume. I got a response from my Realtor, and she asked me to meet for coffee. Turns out she was a volunteer for Little Warriors and knew they were hiring a part-time communications and fund development person in Calgary to work from a home office – voila!!!

Thanks for sharing your story Shannon! 🙂 


Please share your story! I would love to hear your “Why” and “How”. It’s easier to navigate the part-time jungle, when we realize that we aren’t alone. 


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