Part-Time Physiotherapist: Devon’s Story

What’s your story? “WHY” are you navigating the part-time jungle and “HOW” did you find your part-time job and “HOW” have you made your job fit your juggle? 


Meet Devon!

Devon is a married mom of an adorable 5-year-old and she is my younger sister! We have gone through all of the usual sister ups and downs but have maintained a close relationship over the years for which I am most grateful. I have always been amazed by my sister – she is an incredibly talented athlete, she is kind and creative, she takes advantage of opportunities to get out in the world (traveling, camping, hiking), and she is a fantastic mom who happens to work part-time. In fact, Devon juggles two part-time jobs! She works for a non-profit organization as a physiotherapist for 3-5 year olds and she also recently purchased a franchise called TimberNook that is all about giving children “innovative outdoor play experiences”. 

In her own words, here is Devon’s “WHY” and “HOW”:


What is Your “Why”?

Why do you work part-time as a physiotherapist and why do you work at the job that you have? 

I work part-time so I can hang out with my kid! I work at the (non-profit) job I have because I like the work and they are very flexible with my scheduling. They also support me in following my “passions”. TimberNook- this truly is my passion – I believe that this is the way that I can best use my skills to make the most difference in the lives of kids. I believe strongly in the philosophy, and like that I can build it into something of my own that can fit my schedule and life. I also get to bring my kid to work!


What is Your “How”?

How did you find your part-time job? How have you made working part-time fit with your juggle?

I got my part-time physiotherapist job (at the non-profit) by asking for it! I knew a former colleague was working there and asked if they wanted me!  I was determined to get the hours that I wanted. TimberNook- again, I asked for it! I searched out the TimberNook founder and told her I wanted it. I had to go through a long process of interviews, business plans, meetings, finding money, etc to make it happen. But again, I was determined that this is what I wanted, and I was going to get it!

I think my family life is less stressful because I am home more. And I like that my work is flexible – even though my evenings can be spent working, I am so grateful for my time with my kid during the day. I plan to build my business as he moves along in school. I definitely sometimes feel what I’m sure many other part-time working moms feel – like they are not doing a very good job at either part of their lives and that they are never able to give anyone/anything enough time. Financially, part-time childcare is very expensive, which is hard to swallow sometimes. Things are definitely a juggle, especially with two part-time jobs!  I know that TimberNook is what I want to be doing, because it rarely feels like work, and it energizes me instead of drains me.

Thanks for sharing your story Devon! 🙂 


Please share your story! I would love to hear your “Why” and “How”. It’s easier to navigate the part-time jungle when you know you’re not alone. 


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