The Part-Time Jungle Podcast is a place for conversation and community about ALL the ways to swing motherhood and work. There isn’t a right way. There isn’t a best way. In this episode, Tiana shares her story about how The Part-Time Jungle came to be and why conversation and community about motherhood and work have helped her to carve a path and to manage a juggle that works best for her and her family. Let’s keep the conversation going and the community growing!

Tiana Fech, the host of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, is a mom of three who has been navigating the part-time jungle – swinging motherhood and part-time work – since becoming a mom 13 years ago. In this episode, she shares her story about how “The Part-Time Jungle” went from idea to action and all got started!

In this episode:

  1. There is not one right or best way to swing motherhood and work.
  2. Change is tough – but closing one door opens you up to new opportunities and possibilities.
  3. Connections, conversations, and community can have such a positive impact on navigating all things motherhood.

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