Tiana Fech talks about how it is ok to not have your life figured out as a 41-year old mom and that you can still grow, explore, learn, and try new things including skating lessons with your name tag on your helmet!

In this episode:

  1. There are no age limits. You can always change things up, do things differently, and look for new adventures and opportunities.
  2. Honesty and openness can be powerful forces of connection.
  3. There is often ease and comfort in predictability and routine. Change can be tough and uncomfortable.

Shout Out To:

YGTMama: You’ve Got This, Mama is a virtual village of moms supporting moms as well as opportunities to explore your innermost dreams and ideas (you are more than JUST a Mama) with the support of coaching programs, events, community, publishing and more!

Mamas & Co: An amazing online community of mamapreneurs looking to grow their networks and their businesses.

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