Part-Time Curriculum Coordinator: Anne Marie’s Story


What’s your story? “WHY” are you navigating the part-time jungle and “HOW” did you find your part-time job and “HOW” have you made your job fit your juggle? 


Meet Anne Marie!

Anne Marie and I met when her oldest son and my middle little guy were in 4-year old preschool together just over six years ago. Our kiddos loved to play together and our families got along great as well! Our boys are happiest when they are in the same class at school and they love to play Lego, dress up in costumes, and create comics together. Anne Marie is one of the genuinely nicest people I know. She is incredibly easy to get along with and is someone who you feel you can talk to about anything with. We have shared great coffee visits, meals with our families, special family traditions (like the annual cookie exchange and Halloween Party), and moms’ night outs! 

Anne Marie is not only a special part of my “village” but also a mom who is navigating the part-time jungle. 

In her own words, here is Anne Marie’s “WHY” and “HOW”:


What is Your “Why”?

Why do you work part-time as a curriculum coordinator and why do you work at the job that you have?

I work part-time as a curriculum coordinator because I really love the company that I work for and my co-workers and of course the extra income helps. I also like that I get some adult time and to drink a hot cup of coffee! My boss is absolutely amazing and super flexible with my schedule and I can also work from home if need be. Our family life would be absolutely chaotic if we were both working full-time. 


What is Your “How”?

How did you find your part-time curriculum coordinator job? How have you made working part-time fit with your juggle?

I found my job by going to a friend’s soccer game and chatting with my, now, boss. I told him my story (I had just moved back from Ontario and was looking for work) and he conveniently had an opening. I went for an interview and the rest is history. I am going on 16 years with the company! Since I am able to be fairly flexible with my work schedule, that definitely helps out with our lives. We are also super fortunate to have both sets of grandparents around who help out a lot!

Thanks for sharing your story Anne Marie! 🙂 


Please share your story! I would love to hear your “Why” and “How”. It’s easier to navigate the part-time jungle when you know you’re not alone. 


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