Part-Time Nurse: Amanda’s Story


Meet Amanda!

Amanda is a married mom of two kiddos who is a part-time nurse and an online coach who supports other moms with their fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. Amanda and I met each other through our husbands who both taught together and then, who were school administrators together. Unfortunately, they don’t work together anymore but maybe one day! Amanda’s husband and I were actually in the same class for our Master’s degrees as well! Although we don’t get to see one another often, I always enjoy spending time with Amanda and her family. 

Amanda is a mom who is navigating the part-time jungle and I am so appreciative that she is willing to share her story! 

In her own words, here is Amanda’ story:



While the pay is not as good as a full-time worker and there are sacrifices like less vacations, I have chosen to work part-time because this time with my children is something that I will never get back. As a part-time worker I get to be there for them more. I can spend the mornings on my off days making their favourite breakfast or snuggling just a bit longer. I can be at their school to volunteer and show them that our family values and supports their education. I can spend time during their school day filling my cup so that I am not running on empty when we do have time together. I can use some of my time while they are at school to get through some of the mundane tasks of life to increase our quality of time together.

My mom was a single mom, and she did not have the option to work part-time. She had the sole responsibility of keeping a roof over our heads and food on our table. I can never thank her enough for all that she did and all that she sacrificed. I saw that she struggled with the balance and wanted to be there for us more than she could be. I recall her often saying to stay at home moms, that her goal was to be at home more with us. Unfortunately during our childhoods she was never afforded the luxury of being a part-time worker. On a high note, she retired when I had my first baby and she is happily making up for lost time now.



I am a nurse and a fitness/healthy lifestyle motivator for moms (one of my passions). I suppose you can say that nursing is a job made for moms to build around their families needs. Prior to having children, I worked full-time and then some in the hospital setting. After having my first baby, I knew that the demands of working 12 hour shifts and many of those at night were not going to allow me to be at my best. The search began while I was on maternity leave and I found myself working in public health.

I have a unique part-time nurse position working in a high school caring for pregnant teens and teaching them prenatal classes three days each week. I also work casual shifts at times on a specialized team caring for the most vulnerable members of our society, newborn babies and their families with in our community who are socially at risk in their homes.



I mentioned one of my passions is being a fitness and healthy lifestyle motivator. I have teamed up with other nurses and we run an online group to support busy moms to work through virtual boot camps that not only focus on their physical health but also on nutrition and their mindset. Our boot camp focuses on helping moms to fill their own cups first so that they have the energy to live in this demanding world and give back to their families and careers.

My passion for fitness and healthy living has always been a part of me. My mom instilled this in me from a young age. After having my second baby (hello lack of sleep and a whole new level of busy) and my husband dealing with some serious health issues of his own, I found myself unable to take time for me to fill my own cup. There was a period of time that he couldn’t manage alone with the kids so that I could take some time out to get to the gym or do something for me. This time was wearing on me. I felt powerless and like I had little control in my life. Something had to give.

The universe answers if you just listen. I was scrolling social media and noticed other busy moms, etching out time in their busy lives and they were doing this with their children around. I knew this was my answer. I started to participate in a group like the one that I run and I haven’t looked back. Our group now helps over 80 busy moms from doctors, to others nurses, to teachers and other stay at home moms to focus on their wellness.

I really do feel so grateful to be able to do the part-time juggle and make this crazy life fit around my little people and my passions. 

Thanks for sharing your story Amanda! 🙂 


Please share your story! I would love to hear it. It’s easier to navigate the part-time jungle when you know you’re not alone. 


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