Recruiters Wanted!

I would love to connect with recruiters who are interested in tapping into a niche sector of potential employees; moms who want to work part-time or more flexibly. These moms are educated, experienced, and driven and would love to be connected to work opportunities that are well suited to their family juggle.

Part-Time and Flexible Job Opportunities

I was recently approached by a woman from a local recruiting agency. She was interested in having me reach out to my “village” with a part-time job opportunity that she felt would be well suited to a mom. The position was for an administration/reception role 15-20 hours, three days a week. There was some flexibility with start and end times  and therefore, work hours could potentially be aligned with school drop off and pick up times.

Along with discussing the job, we had an amazing discussion about moms who work or who want to work part-time and/or more flexibly. Well… to be honest, maybe it more me sharing my passion and this incredibly kind woman being a very good listener. 🙂


Many Moms Want to Work Part-Time or More Flexibly

Some key points I shared in this “discussion”:

  • Many moms want part-time and flexible work not because they don’t want to work hard. They want work that can fit the bigger picture of their family juggle.
  • The best days for moms to work part-time or more flexibly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays because children more often have days off school on Mondays and Fridays.
  • In many cases, hours that work around school drop off and pick up times make life much simpler and manageable.
  • Having some work hours be flexible, in that the work can be completed at home (early in the morning or after the kids are in bed or while they are having a swimming lesson etc.), is an amazing option.
  • Many moms won’t even apply for a job that looks perfect for them and their skills and experience because they can’t see how it will fit their family responsibilities. They don’t want to apply and then, ask for flexibility.
  •  For moms who work part-time or more flexibly, a job is so much more than just a job. It is something for them. It is soul-filling. It is energizing. It is something to talk about other than their children. It is adult time.
  • Moms work hard. In recognizing their juggle and all that it encompasses, work hours are productive, focused, and all about doing amazing work.


Recruiters Wanted: I Would Love to Partner With a Recruitment Agency

Most of my part-time and flexible positions have been the result of me telling anybody and everybody who will listen what I would love to do and what the “logistics” of what that would look like. So – here it goes!

Recruiters wanted! I would love to partner with a recruitment agency who wants to tap into the niche sector of moms who want to work part-time. I would love to work with employers to help them to better understand the value that moms working part-time can bring to a position and organization and how small tweaks in the logistics of a position (e.g. start and end times, days of the week, some flex time to work at home) can make a position more feasible and attractive for these moms. I would love to create a better means of connecting these employers with these incredible moms who are looking for meaningful, soul filling work, aligned with their education, skills, and experience.

Anyone interested? Let me know. No harm in putting it out to the universe.

Seeking out support for this journey in the part-time jungle.


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