Take the Compliment

Do you ever downplay your achievements and not take a compliment? Instead of being gracious for positive feedback, do you minimize it? I know that I am guilty of this with my husband, our kiddos, my work colleagues, and my friends. I know I need to get better at NOT doing this. 

A recent example… I shared some fantastic news on Facebook. A number of people said congratulations, good job, and liked my post; what you would expect. One person gave me a compliment that I 100% minimized and… someone else called me on it. You know what? I am so glad that they did because it really brought to my attention the fact I do this all the time!

Here is the exchange (with names changed for anonymity):

Sarah: Peter – because we were just talking about how amazing Tiana is!

Me: I don’t know if I would go that far – lol!! 😂 But thanks!! And love the pic of the mini-reunion! ❤️

Peter: Ha thanks! Like I said, haven’t had the time to read the blogs yet! And Tiana… just take a compliment when you get one 😉

I love that “Peter” called me on not taking the compliment. I do. At first it caused me to tilt my head to the side, squint my eyes a little, and question why he would publicly write that but then, I felt appreciative. He was reminding me that I should own my success and achievements and I should! We all should! 

Next time my husband says that I look beautiful, or our kiddos say they like dinner (if all three do that will be a miracle!), or someone says that something I did was amazing, instead of minimizing the compliment, I am going to try to just say… thank you. 

It’s surprisingly tough to do but I should be proud of my accomplishments and who I am in the part-time jungle. 


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