Your Village

Do you have a village of friends, family, and/or work colleagues who support you in your personal and/or professional life? How do you support one another? What is it about your village that you love? How did you get connected with your village? 


It Takes a Village

I believe that the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is so true. As a mom of three kiddos, having a village has been so IMPORTANT for me being the best mom that I can be. Some  people in my village I see often. Others I see less frequently but we make time to get together and when we do, it’s like no time has passed. 

  • We are in it TOGETHER 
  • We share traditions, adventures, and make wonderful memories! 
  • We support one another through tough times
  • We celebrate one another’s accomplishments and successes
  • And I could go on and on and on…

Because of my village, I feel like I am part of a team, that I am not alone, and that I can do this mom thing!


Village Support

My village has been a HUGE (this would be an understatement) support of my professional journey as well.

  • Taking turns dropping off, picking up or looking after one another’s kiddos or helping out if one us is running late 
  • Being a sounding board for work opportunities (whether or not to pursue and how to pursue them) or challenges at work 
  • Being a cheerleader on those tough days or during those tough stretches at work 
  • Sharing tips and strategies on how to manage the juggle (meal ideas, activity ideas, great deals etc.)
  • Believing in and being proud of one another! 

Because most of my part-time work, has been contract based, I am constantly getting to know new people at work. I have developed relationships and a support network in my various roles but for me, my village is my amazing group of friends and my incredible family. 


Relationships Can Be Tricky to Navigate – Even as an Adult!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all roses and sunshine. Even as a 40-year-old (no, it doesn’t end after high school!), there have been people that have been a part of my life in various ways and capacities, that have not filled my bucket or my soul. Dealing with this and figuring out the best way to handle this can be tough – even as an adult! The struggle is real. If you have kiddos, you may have read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Daily Guide to Happiness for Kids” by Carol McCloud. It’s all about how words and actions can fill a person’s bucket (positive, kind) or empty it (negative, unkind). 

My husband has brought in a program for parents and kids at two of the schools that he has worked at that teaches about friendship called URSTRONG. It is all about “enhancing the social-emotional wellbeing of children through friendship skills”. He showed some of the resources to me and one of them is a “Friend-o-meter Quiz” where you think about a particular relationship and then, determine if that friendship is healthy or not. 


Tell me about your village. Who are the people that fill your soul, who are “in it together” with you, and who create a climate of mutual support, respect, and fun? How do you support one another? How have you overcome the challenge of difficult relationships in your personal and/or professional life?

Being a directionally challenged individual (thank goodness for Google Maps!), I would be lost in the part-time jungle without my village. 


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