You’Ve got this, boss mama

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You’ve Got This, Boss Mama: A Mother’s Guide to Embracing Growth and Living an Aligned Life is the fourth volume in the best-selling series. This extension focuses on nuances of career and merit in motherhood. The Mama Tribe shares their personal experiences and reflections along with an array of professional expertise. You will read stories from business coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, teachers, charitable foundation founders, and stay-at-home moms. We dive into the inevitable social and psychological shifts that occur when becoming a parent and the evolution of what it means to be a “Boss” Mama, reminding you always that, you’ve got this, Mama! Contributors in this book are: Dina Ottoni-Battistessa, Amanda Arthur Krill, Shannon Christensen (Kimmitt), Habiba Jessica Zaman, Doris Chung, Tiana Fech, Jennifer Duff, Jaimie Jolly, Monica Hui, Dr. Kristen Barton, Erika Rothenberger, Ciara Ramsden, Gillian Sawyer, Tania Jane Moraes Vaz, Nicole Myers-Pugh, Crystal Woods, Melanie Beckwith, Sherri Marie Gaudet, and Meghan Krmpotic


I am so appreciative of your support and I am so honoured to be a co-author alongside such an amazing group of moms! This book is a collection of personal reflections and stories of inspiring and unique journeys of juggling work life and family life.


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