the part-time jungle


Workshop: Take Back Your Time Mama

If you are a busy, stressed-out mama, this workshop is for you. Learn from two fellow mamas that have been where you are right now – burning the candle on both ends, trying your absolute best to do it all, and having no time left for yourself.

Efficiency & Time Saving Strategies presented by Monica – a full time working mom and owner of Wishahmon, a website dedicated to helping moms take back their time, spend quality time with their family, and create beautiful memories.

Mastering the Work/Life Juggle presented by Tiana – a part-time working mom of three kiddos who is also the owner of The Part-Time Jungle, an online community to support moms in swinging motherhood and work in a way that works best for them and their families.


Tiana was a wonderful presenter with a wealth of tips and strategies.  Her personal stories were very relatable and really brought some focus into my own perspectives on motherhood and self-care. The workshop was a great mix of dialogue and group collaboration and it was a great opportunity to learn from other moms and their own experiences.  The Trail Guide was a great takeaway and helped me to reflect on my life and the importance of establishing priorities for not only caring for my family, but also for myself.  I would highly recommend Tiana’s workshop for any mom looking for some help navigating through the ups and downs of Motherhood.
~Leanne L. 


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