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Podcast: Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam

Writer, author, speaker and Mama to 4 kiddos (soon to be 5!), Laura shares 5-7 minute episodes with concrete time management strategies to help you make the most of your time at work and at home.

Podcast: You've Got This, Mama

Best selling author, publisher, speaker, and Mama to 3 kiddos, host Sabrina Greer dives into the grey areas of motherhood and gets real through personal reflections and conversations with special guests. She creates a village of support and reminds us all that “You’ve Got This, Mama”.

Podcast: Real Life Parenting

Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell are moms and parenting experts who share their tools for real life parenting through media appearances, their book “A Year of Intentional Parenting”, speaking engagements, online tools, family coaching, writing articles for a variety of publications, and this incredible podcast! Their goal is “to leave you feeling empowered with practical, real life tools, and the energy to face the daily challenges of parenting”. On their podcast, they engage in conversation with incredible guests about all things parenthood. 


Book: Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future ~ By Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark shares stories and examples as well as concrete strategies to help you make a change in what you are doing professionally be it a shift in your present role, a job opportunity in your current field, or something entirely new!

Book: Girl, Wash Your Face ~ By Rachel Hollis

With some humour and, at times, tough love, Rachel Hollis breaks down 20 lies and misconceptions that we tell ourselves that stop us from living the life we should be living and being who we were meant to be. 

Book: Eat That Frog! 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time ~ By Brian Tracy

This is a quick and easy read but with a clear and powerful message as well as concrete strategies to use your time more effectively. “That Frog” is the most important task that you should be getting done, that will have the biggest impact on your life, and the one that you are most likely to procrastinate on completing and avoid. 

Articles or Blogposts

Article: Motherly - Is Part-Time Employment the Ideal Situation for Working Parents? ~ By Jackie Semmens

When I finished grad school – pregnant with my first child – I decided to focus my job search on finding a position that was part-time…

Blogpost: How to Create a Job Share ~ By Allison Venditti Founder of Careerlove.ca

When people think about flexible working they think remote, work from home, flex arrangements and part-time but what about job sharing? Job sharing if done right can provide many of these things and more! So how do you create a job share? Let’s find out…

The Wild Ride of Going Back to Work After a Career Break ~ By Jennifer Deschenes (as a Guest Blogger for Tellent)

Jennifer shares with us the ups, down and challenges of her journey back into the workforce after a five year career break. The first step is often the hardest and her story will help you take yours…


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